Linux users are now allowed to enjoy the online casino experience!

It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s happening in software development. Especially in today's world, where there’s so many different software, computers, cell phones and a large list of technical appliances being released every single day. Also, new software updates are continuously being released.

Today there’s an endless supply of software, but one of the less known is Linux. Of course, there are plenty of people using this software, even though it's not as common. These people might want to play at an online casino just like everybody else, so it might be a good idea to find a good Linux casino that is compatible so that these users can try their luck.

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Whoever gambles with Linux will probably also be familiar with its software, Ubuntu, released in 2004. This software has over 12 million users, which has made it one of the most widespread systems for Linux users on stationary computers. The reason why Ubuntu has grown so much lately is partly because it is entirely free. Also, it is easy to use, and it is formatted in a way so that people without any programming skills can easily understand its functions.

Unfortunately, the software has long been ignored in this market, and no popular operator has ever been adapted specifically for Linux or Ubuntu. This has caused worry amongst fans of Linux. Fortunately, there are three ways for Linux users to participate in online gambling, without abandoning their favourite software.

How to play using Linux

If you are looking for gambling games suitable for Linux you should first and foremost take a look at what titles you have access to in your browser. These browser-friendly versions are available for players with just a few clicks on the button, which will give you the perfect solution if you don’t use Windows.

The game is run directly in the browser, as long as the browser offers support for Flash. This means that you only need to download Adobe Flash to be able to play online casino games, and that program is completely free and may be downloaded from Adobe’s website directly. This means that you easily can play on a Linux casino without having to download any additional programs. Since most online operators offer this option, it won’t be particularly hard to find a good Linux casino to play at.

If you would like to gamble using downloadable software, it’s also possible. First and foremost you would have to download a Windows emulator, which is a program that allows you to run a Windows program from your Linux. When your emulator has been installed, you may download the software and get started. Sometimes you may run into difficulties while using this method, such as connection disturbances or technical difficulties, so it is important to adjust settings and alternative accordingly. That will ensure a smooth and well-functioning software.

Other Linux Casino games

Other types of games you can play with your Linux software are Live Casino Games. You’ll have as many of the popular betting titles as you may encounter on land-based casinos. Roulette, blackjack, and poker are a few of these popular casino games. The best part is that when you play at a Linux casino and want to enjoy a live casino, all you have to do is go to the section offered by the operator.

They are web-browser based, you will never have any problems playing these titles, as they simply work through your browser on your computer. The live casino games thus work in the same way as the others, since everything is internet-based. The only difference is that when playing live, the images and information are fed directly to your browser, whether it's Ubuntu or any other operating system you use. No additional programs are required so that you can enjoy all your favourite games directly through the browser.

This means that you always have the opportunity to play at an online casino using Linux, because the most relevant operators today offer their platform directly via the internet and any web browser. You can reach the games, only by having a web browser, Adobe Flash and an internet connection. Fortunately, many operators have only focused on offering titles for their players over the internet, which also allows you as a Linux user to enjoy them as well. Thus, it does not matter which device, operating system or computer you own. Most major casino websites today offer you a nice catalogue when you operate Linux. There are a variety of titles you can choose from when you visit such a casino, so it is certainly not a small selection that you can take part in. You'll find plenty of options to choose from, all the more classic slot machines that are easier to understand, but also themed slot machines that offer you a high level of entertainment with many exciting bonuses, free spins, and winnings!

You never know when luck is on your side! It’s always great to have the opportunity to test a few games whenever you want. If you are looking at an online casino that offers slot machines directly via the browser, or a live casino - then you can always enjoy playing at the casino when you run on Linux. However, should it be that you want to download a specific program for the website you want to play on, it is also possible. However, that solution is a bit more problematic and takes a little more time to fix, compared to the online casinos you can play directly in your browser. So keep your fingers crossed now and try your luck in any of the top Linux casinos that are available online today!