Thunderkick Makes Popular Casino Games

The history of gaming started in land-based casinos a long time ago. You had to go to an establishment and take a seat by the table with dice and cards. As time passed, we started receiving additional gaming options in the form of table games and slots. The natural next step in the evolution came with the appearance of the internet.

Thunderkick is a reputable studio for developing premium gaming software used by the casinos all over the world. The company is focused on creating slots, which is why we will get to learn a bit more about the history of this form of entertainment.

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When Did the Slots First Appear?

Slots or one-armed bandits have been inspired by the Liberty Bell – a game machine developed in the USA by Charles August Fey 1895. The first one-armed bandit/slot in the world was marketed with great enthusiasm, but minor success. It had three wheels that spun and periodically showed hearts, clovers, spades, and diamonds, as well as horseshoes and bells. With any three in a row, people won something.

The reception was hence cold. But 1907, Fey made contact with Mills Novelty Company – a game company. And then things started happening, and the one-armed bandit started appearing on the American game market, but later also spread outside the federation’s borders. The name ”one-armed bandit” itself didn’t exist from the start, but arose as a nickname due to the machine, with its lever on one side, leading to disappointment among players that’d just lost claiming that a one-armed bandit has just robbed them.

The previously mentioned machine still made great success at the beginning of the 20th century. For a long time, one could barely imagine a casino without these machines – they’re simply a natural part of any establishment. Slots have now become a trademark of online gaming platforms. Thunderkick games are a significant part of the offering on the sites of internet provider as the company established a truly reputable position in the market.

Video slots are a new phenomenon, but they do have a clear origin in the classical machines, and it’s not hard to draw parallels between them. What primarily distinguishes them, however, is that video slots offer extra effects and variation, which gives an enhanced gaming experience through additional excitement, surprises, and technical extravagance. So if you get even the smallest kick out of these reels, you will probably be delighted by Thunderkick slots that have everything needed to provide a premium gaming experience.

What characterizes most video slots is their stunning graphics. There, it’s about catching and keeping interest through a rich plethora of eye-pleasing graphics. Also, there come chances of free spins, which means getting to spin the wheels a few extra times, with no additional cost. And bonuses of all sorts are also at players’ disposal – such things are not found on the old mechanical one-armed bandits.

But despite all variants and options that video slots give in the games, it still doesn’t require much skill to start playing. You grasp the principles pretty quickly and can immediately get started with your game. And it’s said that the chances of winning are higher on video slots than on the traditional one-armed bandits.

We should also mention the benefit of getting a jackpot. When you find yourself playing at online sites, the chance occasionally comes to win a pot that has accumulated over a long time. That means that the sum you can win may rise to be very large – some players had become multimillionaires just by winning a jackpot.

So, to summarize everything, we can first and foremost list one good common characteristic of this type of gaming software. They’re easy to learn to play – no need to learn a bunch of game rules to be able to get started. Add to that the jackpot (progressive jackpot, in players’ terms) that many players dream of ever since they started their gaming career. So, if we’re talking about classical slots at casinos, this is what we’re talking about: It’s easy to get started, excitement is high, and chances of winning is enormous.

Welcome to Thunderkick!

The majority of players love that Thunderkick games feel very welcome and inviting. The casino rooms that are offering their software guarantee entertaining and exciting playing time. They put in maximum time and effort to optimize the experience. You will, therefore, find hefty jackpots, great deposit bonuses, as well as quite a few exciting promotional campaigns. Regular players may even expect gifts, cashback bonuses, etc.

The providers offering software developed by Thunderkick have a professional customer service ready to give players answers they seek quickly. Those answers that aren’t just right, but also comprehensive, so that you’ll avoid all doubt about what to do next. So don’t hesitate to ask your question – that way, you help the customer agents help you, while they receive input regarding how we can develop our services even further. Everyone wins there.

You will often find platforms that offer more than two thousand titles, and you will find everything from the classical Roulette, Blackjack and to video slots, poker, as well as scratch cards and bingo. In that list, you will most certainly find something that makes your pulse go up.

Thunderkick games are built to support various platforms, which means that you go to the homepage of the site via your computer, cell phone or tablet reader. From there, you register and make your first deposit (and there is a hefty deposit bonus for, by the way!). Afterward, it’s just choosing a game and letting yourself go!


Thunderkick casino offers planty  of fun, but also safety and high security. That’s why licensed payment systems are used to process deposits and withdrawals. In addition, many websites offer responsible gaming sections that will teach you about how to play responsible and how to recognize potential addiction issues and avoid them. Make sure to review your finances to know how much you can deposit. Aside from that, make sure that you meet the age threshold required for online gaming. If you fulfill these conditions, there is no reason not to start today!